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I am severely disabled with major low back issues. This forced me into retirement many years ago. Because of my inability to move, I put on about 50 extra pounds. The problem is, I was already 50 pounds overweight to begin with. I am 5' 11 1/2" and I ended up a good 100 pounds overweight, tipping the scales at 300 pounds!  I started taking Factor 1 in early September 2012 after my wife explained to me how beneficial it was for my entire body and lymphatic system. I took 1 dose per day most of the time. There were some days that were missed. Today, I just weighed in at 214 pounds. In just short of 9 months I lost 86 pounds. My eating habits never changed, and I had never changed what I ate. It feels really good!    I have another health issue, and it disappeared after taking Factor 1 for about 6 months. I have been taking a medication for at least a decade. I could only take this medication on a FULL stomach or else I would suffer stomach pain so severe, it made me throw up.

It was like clockwork, 5 minutes after taking it, the onset of stomach pain started. The pain would start to abate after an hours’ time and always ended with hiccups. Many times, even though I had a full stomach, it could make my stomach feel very upset and sour. Today I can take this medication anytime I want and have taken it on a complete empty stomach many times with absolutely no side effects at all. This was incredible to me!


 -by C.D. (After 8 1/2 months of use)




I have fibromyalgia and several of the "sub-syndromes" that often come along with this disorder. The worst of these is migraine syndrome. Since early in the 1990's, I have suffered with several times a week. Sometimes I would get blocks of them with very little relief, lasting for days. It was terribly life disrupting and affected the whole family. I often went to the emergency room for a "cocktail" of medicines to relive the horrible pain. Then I would need another day just to recover.    The next most annoying was irritable bowel syndrome. Mornings were forever changed and meant getting up extra early before work. This gave my bowels time to settle down. A Little less than a year ago a friend suggested I begin factor #1. I was already taking vitamins, fish oil, and some minerals like magnesium. He also asked if I had done a detoxification. I had not and was warned I might have a reaction but it would soon pass.   Well sure enough I did. I was sweating, urinating often and in general I was in the bathroom twice as much. I felt a little "icky" for a few days. After that I felt really good and thought well that detox did something! I kept taking it in my juice for another several weeks. The first improvement I noticed was how much better my irritable bowel was and mornings are no longer spent running to the toilet. I no longer have any bloating or diarrhea. I no longer get migraines after taking Factor #1! About a month later I had a slight headache and went to take something. I realized I had not had a "migraine" for weeks. On thinking back, I realized it had over a month. Migraines are now very rare. Overall my fibromyalgia is not nearly as severe and the additional syndromes I battled before have become occasional annoyances, instead of daily life disturbing events. I am very pleased with the results from taking Factor #1.

-by N.C.


I have been like the average American, cruising through life adding a few pounds here there, having the aches and pains associated with just growing older, had a heart attack, swelling of the feet at the end of the day and just like most of us...WORN OUT by the end  of the day. Can't wait for the weekend so I rest and start the whole cycle again.   Well, I started to think that this was not what I used to be like and when did the change happen, and why? I learned that we are a product of our environment, literally! All the chemicals added to our foods, in the air we breathe, in water we drink. Everywhere and  everything was polluting us and the results of which CREEP upon us and take us unaware.  Then I came across Factor 1, I was told it helps the body to detoxify at the cellular level and that by doing so, my body could correct a lot of problems itself. My body was simply put " Overwhelmed, and inundated with toxic overload". Soon after taking the product I noticed little things, like feeling more rested in the morning, waking without the aches and stiffness, more energy and enthusiasm, after a few months I felt like a new man. My health has greatly improved, and so has my mental awareness. I am grateful for the product and will be taking as long as we live in a society that chemically treats everything and genetically alters our foods.

50 really is the new 30! well it can be.


 -by C.A. - Elk Grove, CA



I had bursitis for about 15 years in my shoulders, I had been back and forth to doctor after doctor and they gave cortisone injections and anything else that might help, of course it was all very short lived. At the time I had a real hard time doing my hair because I could not lift my arms over my head, the pain was excruciating. My husband had just started using factor #1 and he insisted I take the product as he thought that it might help, I of course was very skeptical if the doctors couldn't do anything nobody could. Well my husband didn't give up, he chased me around the kitchen until I took it. Well, after about three months I was doing my hair and my husband said hey you’re doing your hair and I don't see any pain on your face. I said oh, I've grown out of my problem. Of course I didn't grow out of my problem, the only thing I was doing different was taking the factor#1. Thank you Factor #1.

 -by P.W.


I started Factor#1 about three months ago, my weight was 167 lbs. I did not change my eating habits and I am now 149.8 lbs., a loss of 17.2 lbs. Thank you Lifestyles by Richway for Factor #1.

-by M.A.


I had been very sick spent a lot of time in Hospital and I was like skin and bones when I came out. I weighed 140 lbs. I was underweight about 30 lbs. for my height. A friend suggested I use factor#1 I checked with my doctor if it was okay to take this product, he said there is nothing in it that would cause any problems, so I took it.   After about two months I started to have more energy and I began to fill out, and started to look more human again. I was now up to 170 lbs. and I go up and down a few lbs. but I have stayed at that weight for the last 6 months. The doctors tell me that it wouldn't hurt if I added a few more lbs. for my height.

-by T.D.




I am so thankful I found your product online. In the early 90's I was introduced to Factor 1 and I took it for some time. Then, I thought I was 'fixed', life got in the way, and I stopped using it. However, I always remembered how good I felt and how it 'cleaned me out'. In the meantime, I have tried many other products with some results but I started remembering Factor 1(I still remembered the name.)I 'googled' the name and up your site came!!I have just started taking it (it used to be a capsule) and within only a few days I feel lighter, still a long way to go mind you but definite results in the bathroom. Thank you for this excellent product.

-by Judy Michaluk







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