The Lymphatic System



Le système lymphatique 


The lymphatic system is widely recognized by doctors around the world for its importance in preventative health care. It is understood how this bodily function is so important to every other system in our bodies.

It supports our immune system, nervous system, digestive system, and the detoxification of our systems. Many believe a poor lymph system contributes to the higher increases in the rates of cancer and other diseases in modern society. We have twice the lymph fluid as blood, yet rarely do we think about this fact.

It is powered by our breathing or movement and flushes our cells. It is our bodies cleaning system and if it was to suddenly stop we would die within hours. The system includes lymph nodes, vessels, nodules and lymphatic tissues, including our thymus, spleen, tonsils, bone marrow and organs. It delivers proteins and also flushes wastes through small capillaries. The clean fluids are then returned to the blood vessels. Its primary job is to isolate and fight infections, remove excess fluids, fat, debris and foreign materials. It travels more slowly than blood and passes through valves. Blockages and congestions in this system causes swelling, the collection of materials and/or toxins.

When these congestions form it can result or manifest in colds, frequent illness, infections and joint pain. This imbalance of the body's functions can be a precursor to disease and our natural ability to fight theses. A clean well functioning lymph system makes the system do what it is designed to do, promote a healthy functional body.



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